How to Drop your Property Taxes by 25%! (Video)


Nick Kristoff gives an overview of a valuable article written by Bret Pruehs and Lindsay Hartman of law firm Burr & Forman, LLP. The article discusses how to reduce the taxable value of your property by up to 25% if it's located in Beaufort County, SC and meets a few key criteria. Nick discusses the key criteria, how to determine your savings, and how to file the correct form with Beaufort County.

Beaufort County, SC Property Tax Calculator

Click here to calculate the tax savings based on your specific value and tax district in Beaufort County, SC.

Source Article

Authors: Bret Pruehs & Lindsay Hartman of law firm Burr & Forman, LLP
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File: 2019_Beaufort_County_Property_Tax_Update.pdf